Kiwanis fireworks sales support scholarships, kids activities, health

  • Tue Jun 30th, 2015 10:57pm
  • Life

Zach Soto inspects a fireworks package with friend Bjorn Elliott at the Kiwanis of South Whidbey stand at Ken’s Korner in Clinton. Nancy Tipton

For the past three decades, the Kiwanis of South Whidbey have sold fireworks and used that money for scholarships and other children’s endeavors.

This year, that legacy continues through July 5 at the stand set up in the Ken’s Korner parking lot near the Red Apple in Clinton.

Each customer is provided with a flyer on safety advice for fireworks discharge and disposal. 

During a 30-minute visit to the stand Monday afternoon, lone Kiwanis member Nancy Tipton staffed the trailer. A few people peeked inside and asked questions about which packages had the biggest boom, which lasted longest, what different types would produce when ignited. She knew them all, and touted that people need to be especially cautious this year because of the dry conditions.

“We hope everybody will be safe, and we’re stressing that,” she said.

Things were slow so far, she said, noting that more stands are popping up along the highway from the ferry to Freeland. But there’s only one that puts every dollar into scholarships and other children’s activities and initiatives — Kiwanis. In past years, five $1,000 scholarships were awarded to students from Whidbey Island. This year, six were distributed.

She was expecting July 3 and July 4 to be far busier sales days.

“By Friday and Saturday, it’ll be a mob scene,” she said.

The club is open to new members, and member Don LaMontagne said in a news release that anyone interested in joining should ask one of the members running the stand how they can help support South Whidbey youths.