Holly Davidson photo — Front row, left to right: Gunnar Cisney, Dalan Abernathy, Sage Ranson, Annabelle Bulle, Ellie Lineberry, Tristan Diffie, Alexa Napoli. Second row: Karissa Napoli, Irene Steward, Scout Ranson, Piper Ranson, Riley Agnew, Braxtyn Fleming, Weston Dill. Third row: Julia Napoli, Sombai Newton, Josephine Chia, Gabe Agnew, Dustin Davis, Nicholas Armstrong, Gavin Baker. Back row: Jennifer Cisney, Mike Napoli, Dane Saxton, Joshua Chia, Stephanie Chia, Jeffrey Chia, Mark McDaniel, Mr. Armstrong and Mrs. Armstrong. Not Pictured: Benjamyn Cone.

KUDOS | Trophies galore for Armstrong’s Taekwondo

  • Tue Mar 21st, 2017 8:35am
  • Life

More than two dozen competitors representing Armstrong’s Taekwondo in Clinton took home trophies from an American Taekwondo Association tournament on Feb. 25 in Lynnwood.

Every single one of Armstrong’s competitors earned a trophy in at least one event. They competed in events including forms, weapons, sparring, combat sparring, creative weapons, creative forms, extreme weapons and extreme form.

The competitors went up against individuals from other American Taekwondo Association schools around the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Canada.