Langley baker specializes in Easter delights

These chocolate bunnies

For over 50 years, Peter Boden has spent every early spring molding chocolate bunnies, squirrels, ducks and eggs for Easter giving. 

After all these years, he still loves his work and is passionate about doing it well.

Boden began his studies 53 years ago when he was just 16 in his native Switzerland. He knew even then that he wanted to make delicious chocolate creations and as a teenager he studied with master chocolatier Irwin Faeh at a resort in Davos, Switzerland.

Boden has used and perfected those chocolate handling skills ever since.

Currently, Peter and his wife Sandi sell their confections from P.S. Suisse in Langley Village, which they’ve owned since 1997.

In addition to chocolate confections, the Bodens also offer homemade European style breads and pastries, and lunch items such as soups, sauerkraut and sausage sandwiches.

Boden started making his Easter chocolate creations right after Valentine’s Day this year, and started selling them in the bakery by March 6. Easter is Sunday, March 31. He says his wrapped Easter chocolate animals and eggs will range in price from $6.50 to $19.50.

Boden uses his days off from the bakery (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) to concentrate on molding the chocolate and hand-painting each bunny, chick or squirrel. He likes his work with chocolate to be uninterrupted.

“You have to melt the chocolate just so, and not walk away from it while it’s gently heating,” said Boden. “I’m old fashioned and I use a dry-heat method for melting the chocolate, not steam. Chocolate and water do not mix well.”

After they’re unmolded, Boden carefully lines his eggs and animals up on trays to await decorating, filling and packaging. He does not touch them with bare hands to avoid marking the delicate chocolate sheen.

Boden imports his bulk chocolate from his home country of Switzerland and uses milk, dark and white chocolates for his Easter creations. He also makes hollow chocolate eggs and wooden shoes, which he fills with more wrapped chocolates or jellybeans.

Lucky the child — or adult — who gets one of these delectable creations in his or her Easter basket this year!