Langley’s Islandesign Interiors holds open house today

The inside of the Islandesign Interiors shop in downtown Langley is warm and inviting with its predominance of hand-turned sustainable wood pieces made by Whidbey Island craftsmen. The in-house designers

Whidbey Islanders live here for a reason.

The colors, the smells, the views and the camaraderie all contribute to the special quality of life on the island.

And if some of us could live immersed in the immeasurable beauty of what lingers out of doors, we probably would.

But, alas, being inside is necessary some of the time.

Understanding the draw of such splendor, the designers at Islandesign Interiors work hard to make the inside of island homes feel as beautiful as the natural world that looms just outside.

Walking into the Langley storefront, the wood pieces are immediately identifiable as having been lovingly crafted from unique slabs of wood into exquisitely shaped pieces of functional art. They are more than just tables or desks.

Owner Linda Lundgren, and her right-hand woman Mim Supsinskas, have a knack for working with talented artists and making spaces feel better than you expected.

Until recently, the shop offered only custom-designed interior furnishings. Now, Islandesign is offering its customers a special retail line of home furnishings and accessories created by local artists.

The new store collection will be available for viewing at an Islandesign celebratory open house from

5 to 8 p.m. today.

Guests will be treated to appetizers and wine while viewing Lundgren’s and Supsinskas very own Islandesign/Wirth Furniture Collection (on which they collaborate with artist Jeffrey Wirth), the Esparto Glass Collection, the fine art photography of A. Comsky, and the Whidbey Collection of home furnishings on display at furniture-maker David Gray’s new in-store gallery.

Just hanging out in such an earthy, welcoming space is a treat, and even if you are not there to buy anything, the two women enjoy engaging browsers.

“Linda has been designing here since 1978,” Supsinskas said. “Her interior work reflects our environment and she has done an incredible job of integrating indoor living with the outdoors.”

Lundgren and Supsinskas have a passion for creating places for “good” living in every sense of the word.

The furniture that is made for the store is all created from sustainable wood. The two women often go on excursions to look for materials they can reclaim, such as one beautiful log of western cedar that came from the aftermath of a windstorm on Possession Beach. The desk made by Gray from that large piece of reclaimed wood is lovingly shaped by the artist and its appearance belies the beauty from where it once grew.

“Linda and I pick up the pulse of the island,” Supsinskas said. “We are accumulating the work of artists who share the same vision of quality and sustainability.”

Even in these hard times, the two women are hopeful about the future and what they aspire to do.

“The world is changing so fast,” Lundgren said.

“We can’t compete with some place like Pottery Barn, but we offer something different. You have to give something special. It feels good working with everybody — these artists — and being able to have such good relationships with our clients. That’s the most fun,” she said.

Islandesign offers interior consultation, fabric selections, tile, wallpapers, handwoven rugs, carpets, furniture, accessories, lighting and window treatments.

It is located at 111 First St., Langley. To visit the Web site Click here or call 221-5121. Or just drop in.