Evan Thompson / The Record — South Whidbey High School graduate Spencer Fee was among those who received scholarships from local donors during the school’s senior awards night on June 6.

Local donors give over $150,000 in scholarships to recent grads

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Scholarships from South Whidbey donors were presented to the 2017 graduates of South Whidbey High School at a senior awards night June 6. Donors selected their recipients based on their applicants’ general merit, financial need, talent or demonstration of personal character.

AAUW Whidbey Island Branch Academic Award (Senior Woman) Scholarship: Fiona Callahan ($2,000)

AAUW Whidbey Island Branch Dale M. Fischer Memorial Art (Senior Woman) Scholarship: Katyrose Jordan ($600)

Alan G. May (Vocational Training) Scholarship: McKenna Chapman ($200)

Alan G. May (2-Yr Community College or Vocational School) Scholarship: Carmen Warwick ($300)

Alan G. May (4-Year University/College) Scholarship: Tyler Heggenes ($600)

American Legion Post 141 Commander’s Award: Mara Bush ($500), Bayley Gochanour ($500), Tyler Heggenes ($600, $500), Chloe Hood ($500), Kari Hustad ($500), Trevor Kleinfelder ($500)

American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Post 141 Scholarship Bayley Gochanour ($1,000), Kari Hustad ($500), Anna Leski ($1,000), Aria Ludtke ($500)

Arise Charitable Trust Scholarship Grant: Thandeka Brigham ($2,000), Mara Bush ($2,000), Lauren Damerau ($2,000) , Kinsey Eager ($2,000), Bayley Gochanour ($2,000), Kari Hustad ($3,000), Katyrose Jordan ($2,000), Bethany Justus ($3,000), Anna Leski ($2,000)

Baby Island Saratoga Club 2-Year Community College, Technical or Trade School Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($1,000), Spencer Fee ($1,000)

Baby Island Saratoga Club 4-Year College/University Scholarship: Mara Bush ($1,000)

Carl D. Westling Memorial Scholarship: Cory Ackerman ($250)

The Clyde Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($500), Shannon Lux ($500), Nashville McCarroll ($500).

Coach Jim Leierer Female Athlete Scholarship: Kinsey Eager ($150)

Coach Jim Leierer Male Athlete Scholarship: Sean Drake ($150)

Coldwell Banker/Tara Properties Community Fund Scholarship: Spencer Fee ($500), Lauren Damerau ($500), Tyler Heggenes ($500), Aria Ludtke ($500)

Concerts on the Cove Music/Performing Arts Scholarship: Mara Bush ($500), Alec Chinnery ($500), Katyrose Jordan ($500)

Dave Parent Life Sciences Scholarship: Emma Kerr ($500)

Raymond & Eva Mae Gabelein Memorial Scholarship: Bayley Gochanour ($500)

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club Scholarship: Lauren Damerau ($1,000), Sean Drake ($1,000) Sarah Hodson ($1,000)

Humphrey Fund Scholarship: Anna Leski ($1,500)

Island County Fair Association Scholarship: Mara Bush ($500)

Island County Fair Association Scholarship: Anna Leski ($500)

Discover Your Aptitudes Scholarship: Carmen Colar ($720)

Discover Your Aptitudes Scholarship: Kinsey Eager ($720)

Kiwanis Club of South Whidbey Scholarship: Mara Bush ($1,000), Fiona Callahan ($1,000), Bayley Gochanour ($1,000), Bethany Justus ($1,000)

LWVSWI Scholarship: Kari Hustad ($1,000)

Major Megan McClung Scholarship: Trevor Kleinfelder ($500)

Oak Harbor Emblem Club #450 Academic Scholarship: Fiona Callahan ($1,000)

Oak Harbor Emblem Club #450 Vocational Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($1,000)

Bruce Lantz Music Scholarship: Katyrose Jordan ($2,000)

Ed Bridges Memorial Music Scholarship: Mara Bush ($2,000), Alec Chinnery ($2,000)

PEO Chapter IF Scholarship: Kari Hustad ($500)

PEO Chapter IH: Elaine Carty $ Elsie Knubbe Memorial Scholarship: Katyrose Jordan ($300)

Robert Knight Memorial Scholarship: Trevor Kleinfelder ($1,000)

Levi Watanabe Scholarship from Rotary: Alec Chinnery ($3,000), Kari Hustad ($3,000), Katyrose Jordan ($3,000)

Sons of the American Legion Scholarship: Trevor Kleinfelder ($1,000)

Soroptimist Professional Technical Award: Lauren Damerau ($1,000)

Soroptimist Scholarship for High School Girls: Mara Bush ($1,000)

Soroptimist Scholarship for High School Girls: Megan Drake ($1,000)

South Whidbey Athletic Booster Club Scholarship: Cory Ackerman ($500), Thandeka Brigham ($500), McKenna Chapman ($500), Carmen Colar ($500), Megan Drake ($500), Sean Drake ($500), Kinsey Eager ($500), Bailey Forsyth ($500), Bayley Gochanour ($500), Kacie Hanson ($500), Aria Ludtke ($500), Nashville McCarroll ($500), Emily Turpin ($500), Carmen Warwick ($500)

Marcia Monma South Whidbey Commons Scholarship: Aria Ludtke ($300)

South Whidbey Education Association Scholarship: Bayley Gochanour ($500)

South Whidbey Garden Club Scholarship: Fiona Callahan ($500), Emily Turpin ($500)

SWHS PTSA Scholarship: Cory Ackerman ($500)

South Whidbey Home Builders Scholarship: Megan Drake ($500), Sean Drake ($500), Nashville McCarroll ($500)

South Whidbey Lions Club 2-Year Community College/Tech School Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($1,000)

South Whidbey Lions Club 4-Year College/University Scholarship: Bayley Gochanour ($1,000)

South Whidbey Youth Soccer Club Scholarship: Carmen Colar ($500)

SWHS Performing Arts Boosters Scholarship for Band Members: Mara Bush ($500), Katyrose Jordan ($500)

TJ Roehl Memorial Scholarship: Bayley Gochanour ($500), Kari Hustad ($500)

Community Spirit Scholarship: Bayley Gochanour ($1,000)

Terry Lee Otey, Trinity Lutheran Church 2-Year Community College or Technical School Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($2,500)

Terry Lee Otey, Trinity Lutheran Church 2-Year Community College or Technical School Scholarship: Spencer Fee ($2,500)

Terry Lee Otey, Trinity Lutheran Church 4-Year College/University Scholarship: Kinsey Eager ($5,000), Bayley Gochanour ($5,000), Chloe Hood ($5,000), Katyrose Jordan ($5,000), Bethany Justus ($5,000)

Trinity Lutheran Church/Pacific University Scholarships: Bailey Forsyth ($4,700/1st year, $15,200 for 4 years)

Members of Useless Bay Golf & Country Club Overcoming Adversity Scholarship: Mara Bush ($2,000), Ezra Campbell, Lauren Damerau ($2,000), Sean Drake ($3,000), Bayley Gochanour ($2,000)

Whidbey Audubon Society Conservation Scholarship: Bailey Armos ($2,000)

Whidbey Coffee College Scholarship: Alec Chinnery ($5,000)

Whidbey Island Jazz Society Scholarship: Mara Bush ($1,000), Katyrose Jordan ($1,000)

Whidbey Watershed Stewards “Lori” Scholarship: Fiona Callahan ($1,000)

Windermere Real Estate/South Whidbey Scholarship: Mara Bush ($500), Alec Chinnery ($500), Spencer Fee ($500), Kari Hustad ($500), Katyrose Jordan ($500)

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