November 12, 1991 and November 10, 2001 | HISTORY CORNER

The following are segments of stories taken from the front pages of the Whidbey Island Record 25 and 15 years ago on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 1991 and Saturday, Nov. 10, 2001.

25 years ago

Editor: Jim Larsen

Lash mayor, Gilles on board

“Vicki Lash is the new mayor of Langley and Greg Gilles overcame a big primary deficit to win a school board seat in last Tuesday’s general election on South Whidbey.

The 64 percent turnout of registered voters in an off-year election for Island County was attributed to high interest in initiatives, according to Auditor Art Hyland’s office.

Likewise, the 2,603 absentee ballots released were high for the county and the state initiatives were the suspected cause.

The tightest race on South Whidbey was for South Whidbey School District Director for District 2. Greg Gilles reversed his losing position from the primary election by gathering 1,881 general election votes to Gary Buck’s 1,687.”

15 years ago

Editor: Jim Larsen

Middle school officials can’t ‘duct’ a promise

“They had their backs to the wall. Taped to the wall that is.

Langley Middle School Principal Greg Willis and Assistant Principal TIm Gordon became wall hangings this week when they lost a challenge to their students.

The pair agreed to the taping if students raised at least $30,000 during a recent school fund-raiser selling magazine subscriptions.

Obviously motivated by the prospect of the turning their principals into duct mummies, the students exceeded their goal and raised $36,000.”