Raven Rocks Gallery presents “Serendipity: The Art of Pleasant Surprises”

  • Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 4:55pm
  • Life

Raven Rocks Gallery at Greenbank Farm is showing the work of Marcia Van Doren this month. A reception is planned for Friday.

Raven Rocks Gallery has welcomed back one its favorite artists, Marcia Van Doren, for a showing of her latest works of oil on paper.

“Her painting is simply exquisite, and is best described in her own words, ‘My work focuses on the female environment for the most part, that is what I know, of course. So there are interior scenes and many times looking through a window outside or outside looking in… . In some work, the scenes are like stage sets — something is going to happen or has happened, but not shown. I love that kind of suspense… I feel there is nostalgia in some of the work, a wistfulness, a looking back,'” the gallery said, in a recent news release.

The public an look through the windows of Doren’s world at a reception from 5-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4 at the gallery, Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Road C-101.

Doren’s work will remain on display through the month of September.

For details and gallery hours, call 360-222-0102, or visit Raven Rocks’ website at www.ravenrocksgallery.com.