What others say about Cynthia Jaffe | HOMETOWN HERO

A sampling of what some of Hometown Hero Cynthia Jaffe's friends and family think of her.

“Cynthia has empowered our community with education, understanding and options. She is a pioneer and a visionary. Cynthia is selfless, caring, respectful, compassionate and wise. She is well respected in the midwifery community and is someone who is regularly called on for advice. Throughout my schooling, I’ve met and worked with midwives from across our country and I have yet to see her care matched. Her postpartum care provides a model for other midwives and is often referred to. Cynthia has met her challenges with grace.”

—Crystal Ogle, student midwife

“Cynthia’s confidence in my power and abilities empowered me to give birth naturally and have a truly incredible experience. She has inspired me to learn more about birth and through sharing my story and experiences with Cynthia as my midwife I feel I can help awaken my generation of mothers and future mothers that they too can enter into motherhood in a safe, empowering and loving environment.”

—Rebecca Blankenship

“Cynthia has been in my life since day one. I had the privilege of being one of the first babies she helped deliver on Whidbey Island. Twenty years later I am blessed with my son Brayden, and Cynthia was with me every step of the way. To bring love and life into this world is the definition of a true hero. She brought happiness to my family with her gentle, knowledgeable wisdom, and for that she is my hero.”

—Anna Graves

“Twenty years ago Cynthia was my midwife and helped so much to center me and keep me unafraid when my daughter, Anna, was born. It was wonderful to have her help my daughter when she in turn gave birth, where she also had a wonderful experience because of the expert and kind Cynthia. She’s amazing!”

—Harriet Behncke, Langley

“Growing up I always knew that my brother and I had it good; both my parents loved us fiercely and tried to construct an environment of independence early on. They always encouraged us to be ourselves, to be adventurous and perhaps most importantly be loyal. My mom always told me that loyalty was a trait of the Jaffes. Not just in the sense of loyalty to people, but also to ideas and to values. My mother is the walking personification of this. She believes in others and is loyal to the notion of giving compassion and support to those that need it. My parents give anonymously, never for recognition. My mother has also given me confidence in women. She has shown me that there is not something that we can’t do and that by appreciating ourselves and others we can address any challenge.”

—Rebecca Jaffe, daughter, age 26

“Last year, Cynthia was instrumental in getting legislation passed to remove one of the barriers to licensed midwives being able to work in hospitals throughout Washington state. Her activism will make it possible for more women to have access to midwifery services in all settings. Cynthia certainly is a hero in our eyes.”

—Audrey Levine, president, Midwives Association of Washington State

“Cynthia was our midwife and I cannot imagine a more loving, caring, calm influence during the special and sometimes difficult time of birth. My own experiences with Cynthia were so wonderful; I can only imagine the many people whose lives she has touched over the years … the countless new moms and dads who were cared for and the babies that were welcomed in her expert and loving presence.”

— Laura Rookstool, mother of 10

“Cynthia amazes me. I have the privilege of working closely with Cynthia as a birth assistant. Cynthia offers meticulous care to her clients during all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have watched her coach, soothe, direct and manage each and every unique birthing experience.

She is a true educator, advocating that women have a choice and can influence the way they are treated during labor and delivery. Most importantly she teaches women that they can influence the way their child arrives in the world.”

—Linnea Freed Hess

“I have been in awe in what she has manifested and accomplished over these past 20-plus years. Integrity! Passion! Service! In 30 years of working as a health professional, I have not encountered another provider with her level of integrity, passion and un-ending desire to provide service to her community. What have I learned from Cynthia — obstacles are not insurmountable — but one needs a fine tuned sense of discernment, which she has.”

—Toni Marthaller-Andersen, family practitioner, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C

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