What others say about Lennox Bishop | HOMETOWN HERO

People have lots of praise for the South Whidbey Record's Hometown Hero, Lennox Bishop.

Lennox Bishop takes in a beautiful day outside her church

“I’m always amazed when obstacles or hardships are placed in someone’s life and it only adds to the beauty of their story. This has been true for Lennox. When I think of her I’m convinced that when Jesus said, ‘You are the light of the world … let your light shine,’ Lennox said, ‘That works for me, I’m on it!’ And shine she does! Her motivation and strength comes from the one who said: ‘I am the light of the world whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’ Lennox is a reflection of the true light … light from above, Jesus. Shine on Lennox! The world can’t live without light.”

— Dick Jeffers, pastor, Christian Life Church


“One word that best describes Lennox Bishop is ‘selfless!’ Always putting others above self. She has been instrumental in creating a culture of belonging at South Whidbey High School. She is an active member of a school group called Shake the Dust. This group focuses on bringing together students from all different backgrounds to create school unity and harmony. She has battled through adversity with perseverance and acceptance without complaint. She is a leader by title, action and example. She is intelligent, artistic and has a smile that lights up South Whidbey High School. She will be successful at whatever she chooses in life and no doubt will make the world a better place. She is my hero!”

—John Patton, SWHS principal


“When asked to say a few words about Lennox, I feel like it is like being asked to describe the molecules in the sun. You could use a lot of words, and still not understand just how amazing the sun is. I have always appreciated that when Lennox is just ‘being,’ sitting, standing, anything, you can tell that she has a humble heart. When she is in action, it is proven that she is selfless. She seriously cares about people. She doesn’t just care about the people she sees in front of her, but, about mankind, about every living person. I believe she does this because she has experienced the love of Jesus Christ. I think that she lives out her faith. She has a desire to live a true faith, one that shows that Jesus is the way. I also appreciate that she uses her talents (photography) to show others what she sees, the beauty in everything. She is able to take a photograph that allows you to see the depth of a person, not just an image. In times of adversity, and in plenty, Lennox knows why she is on this planet, to love people. She is an example for others to love as well, and through her photography, she shows why you should love others and this planet, because it all has worth, and value and purpose.”

—Chad Saxton, youth leader


“Lennox is a truly extraordinary young person, who exudes loving kindness, acts on her deep convictions, and inspires us all to be better people with her grace, her love, her care and her actions. She has had some extraordinary challenges and rather than react with sadness and fear, she has responded with flair and spirit, and has redefined her own radiance and light. She has the enviable gift of unflappable spirit and enthusiasm, coupled with depth of character and thought.”

—Scott Mauk, SWHS assistant principal


“Lennox is a huge inspiration not just to me but to everyone she meets. Her inner joy that comes from her love of God and life is evident in all she does. Lennox has not only overcome some hurdles in life, she has shown others God’s love and faithfulness during these difficult times. Lennox’s friendship has been such a blessing to me. I love her dearly and am grateful for her.”

—Sophia Duccini, friend


“Lennox is a genuinely beautiful person. I admire how she approaches difficult times as opportunities for learning and growth. She exhibits grace in times of trial and radiates joy and positivity. There is nothing about Lennox that is not genuine and heartfelt. At SWHS, she promotes acceptance and positive interactions. This encouragement is seen in her morning announcements to the staff and students. We have also benefited from Lennox’s enthusiasm and love for spoken word poetry. She contacted Anis Magjani and orchestrated his visit to our school. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students. On a personal level, I admire Lennox’s strength, tenacity, and approach to life. She inspires me to be better.”

—Jennifer Gandarias, SWHS teacher


“Lennox is the kind of person we all need to meet, to see what is possible when we accept the challenges God puts in front of us as a gift. She has taken what would have defeated many and blossomed into a more beautiful creation in mind, body, and spirit for it. In losing her hair, she has truly had her heart and entire life refined. She refuses to see darkness in trials, but instead follows her light, Christ her savior. I have been blessed to have Lennox breathe life and love and that inner strength into my three children while babysitting them over the last year. To teach them that truly, God creates us all different and beautiful.”

—Joy Holton, Lennox’s employer


“Lennox Bishop is a beautiful, amazing young woman, and an absolute inspiration to everyone that she meets. She has a genuine and loving heart, with a brave and fearless soul that sparkles with hope in the midst of difficult situations. Her faith and passion for life are an incredible inspiration to those around her, and I consider myself blessed to know her!”

—Kristy Uhlig, friend and youth leader


“A wise person once said that if we respond in a positive way to the difficulties of life, the result will be perseverance. Perseverance leads to character which leads to hope. Lennox inspires us because she is a person of perseverance. She embraced Alopecia with grace and beauty, this experience made her better, not bitter. Lennox continues to use her artistic talents in music and photography to serve others. We count it a blessing to know, love and share life with Lennox! Keep the faith, Nox!”

—Mark and Michele Lynch, family friends


“Lennox is a peer tutor in my Spanish 3 class, and also lovingly teaches Spanish to the life skills class of developmentally disabled students weekly. Lennox comes to class every day with a glowing smile and a willing attitude, fully prepared to engage in the day’s activities. Her enthusiasm complements her intelligence to make her an ideal student: intellectually curious, self-motivated and diligent, creative and original. She contributes to our class discussions with a mature, perceptive point of view, and always reaches above and beyond requirements on activities and projects to create exciting, engaging products and results. Lennox loves authentically knowing the people around her, and she accomplishes that through her personal interactions as well as through the lens of her photography. I admire her compassion for others, her energy and initiative, and her constant smile that inspires those of us who are lucky enough to know her.”

—Jennifer Gochanour, SWHS Spanish teacher


“Lennox has that effect on people. I worked with her and a group of students to bring Houston Kraft to South Whidbey High School. His message is ‘Choose Love.’ Lennox lives this message every day. She embodies love and kindness. She has great faith and lives that faith and the teachings she believes in, in a way that we can all learn from. Lennox is the kind of person that bridges between groups and works to bring people together. She does not let adversity and challenges stop her, she grows deeper into the loving being that she is. Whenever I see her she always has a big smile a hug, and a recognition between two spirits that choose love every day. She is a gift to the world!”

—Charlene Ray, practitioner and life coach


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