Amendments made to Langley’s code of ethics

Two amendments were made to Langley’s code of ethics at the city council’s regular monthly meeting Monday night, while a third is still in the works.

Both changes pertained to the way administrative provision section of the code of ethics. The first amendment changes the submission format for advisory opinions conducted by the Langley Ethics and Training Advisory Board from written requests to formal online requests provided on the city’s website. Advisory opinions are requested by city officials, employees, consultants, volunteers, vendors and citizens if a proposed course of action is in opposition to the city’s code of ethics.

The second amendment corrected missing language regarding the review process by the ethics board, adding the words “comment” and “final acceptance.” Once an advisory opinion is rendered, the ethics board forwards it to the city council for review, comment and final acceptance, said Bob Frause, ethics board chairman.

“Some language was somehow left off the ordinance on the website,” Frause said.

The third amendment pertains to the actions of city officials, employees, consultants, volunteers or vendors that result in “sanctions by a government agency or conviction in a court of law.” The amendment, which will be finalized at the ethics board’s Monday meeting, will consider these types of violations as unethical and “in opposition to the City of Langley’s Code of Ethics,” according to city documents.