Bright smiles meet students on first school day

Branson Bloom was nervous for his first day in kindergarten as mom Bristol Bloom dropped him off at Suzanne Haugen’s class. As Branson walked to class with mom and dad

It was a busy morning Tuesday at South Whidbey elementary school as the kids, including 80 kindergartners, swarmed the school.

Superintendent Jo Moccia was welcoming parents and directing traffic in the hallway for the many nervous children followed by even more nervous parents.

“The school year is off to a terrific start,” Moccia said. “Students and teachers are excited to be back and we look forward to another great year.”

It was the first day of Kindergarten for Branson Bloom. His parents Jacob and Bristol Bloom flanked him on his way to Suzanne Haugen’s class. Mom was beaming proudly, but Branson was just not ready for interviews. After a hug from mom, he still was not ready to talk.

“It’s a big day,” Bristol Bloom said.

In Debra Davies’ first grade class things got underway quickly. Kids were getting to know new desk neighbors.

“I’m a little nervous,” said Shayne Thomas. “But I am excited too.”

After kindergarten last year, Logan Flaherty, is an old pro at this school thing. He was coloring and chatting with friends as he waited for class to start.

“I’m ready!” he said.

Down the hall, Hannah Dowd, a fifth grader, waited in line to ask secretary Gay Bitts a question. Hannah was excited about getting to know her new classmates and said that so far her new teacher and friends seemed very nice.

As the bell rang, it was the parents who had a hard time saying goodbye and then continued to catch up with other parents enjoying the sunshine outside the building.

South Whidbey Elementary School had 540 students registered as of Tuesday morning, Moccia said.