Clinton woman wins car in Eagles’ charity raffle

Gay Turn accepts the title and keys to her new car from Bobby Morrison. She won it in an Eagles raffle.

Possession Point resident Gay Turner bought a used car this month, for $10.

She was the winning recipient of a Whidbey Island Eagles raffle, which raised money for charities across South Whidbey. According to Dave Moulton, a member of the club’s board, Turner was more than a bit excited to learn she was the winner.

“She was on the ferry when we called her,” he said. “She disrupted the sailing … with her screaming.”

Turner admitted the news was a thrill.

“I was hysterical,” she said. “My husband was sound asleep and I started yelling at him to go up and tell the captain to get the boat docked.”

She drove straight to the aerie in Freeland to pick up the car and title, then promptly bought the house a round of drinks Moulton said.

Raffle participants bought tickets for $10 a piece, or three for $25. It went on for about two months before organizers pulled Turner’s winning ticket.

The raffle was made possible by Bobby Morrison, also an Eagles’ board member. The car, a “pristine condition” 1990 Lincoln Towncar with low miles, belonged to his mother. He decided it would be a good way to raise money for the Eagles yearly donation to various non-profit groups and charities.

“He just thought it’d be nice thing to do for the club and the community,” Moulton said. “It’s just one of many things he’s given the club. He’s a great guy.”

Turner said she wanted the car, a lot, and that she didn’t technically get the car for just $10. It was more like $175 as she simply couldn’t help but buy more and more tickets over the course of the event.

“I didn’t remember I bought that many but it wasn’t enough to rig the raffle,” Turner said.

“She and I were meant to be together; her name is Ethel, after Bobby’s mother.”





Moulton said ticket sales brought in a few thousand dollars. The money will be included the club’s annual charity donation, which is usually made at the beginning of the year.