Concern about security of South Whidbey Primary School, transition questions draws parent meeting

  • Sat Mar 25th, 2017 2:00pm
  • News

Concern about South Whidbey Primary School’s security, as well as questions about class configuration, scheduling and office personnel has led to a parent/administration meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday at the primary school library.

Jeff Cravy, principal of South Whidbey Elementary School, will lead the meeting by gathering input and answering questions from parents with children in the fourth and fifth grades about the transition to the campus. It was announced in February that grades five and six would move to the primary school, which is now referred to by South Whidbey School District administrators as the elementary school’s south campus.

Some areas where students walk from class to class at the south campus are outside, as opposed to other campuses where students remain indoors during passing periods. Cravy said he will share his experience over the past five years with the “open campus.” Cravy said South Whidbey Academy’s K-5 program has been at the primary school over the past eight years, while some fifth grade classes have also been held on the campus during past three years.

“We have shared the campus for the five years I have been here, so I think a lot of the concerns can be addressed through this meeting,” Cravy wrote in an email.

Superintendent Jo Moccia plans to hire an administrator specifically for grades 5-8 and says the south campus will have a counselor on site. The offices will also be occupied by staff and a secretary will also be assigned to the campus. As for the security of the campus, it will be the same “as it is for all our schools,” Moccia said.