Drilling for answers

J. Glenn Mutti-Driscoll

J. Glenn Mutti-Driscoll, a hydrogeologist with Seattle-based Pacific Groundwater Group, looked at a core sample dug on a 24-acre property in Freeland Monday. The firm was hired by the Freeland Water and Sewer District to examine the property, which is owned by Jerry Stonebridge, to determine if it is suitable as the future location of a sewer treatment plant. The facility would treat water for the commercial core, and potentially additional parts of Freeland in the future. Monday’s testing will go on through the week, and involves removing core samples from depths of up to 105 feet. So far cores showed sandy, porous materials which are good for drainage. “It’s making me happy,” said Andy Campbell, district manager. This was the second phase of testing; the first phase include digging shallow trenches, and the latest will involve actual water filtration tests. If all goes well, district commissioners will likely agree to purchase the site at a predetermined price of $800,000.