Freeland sewer district’s purchase of Holmes Harbor Golf Course nears

After months of discussions, it appears the Holmes Harbor Sewer District is about to buy itself a golf course and then lease it out to someone else.

A hearing on the proposal will be held Thursday, April 4, at 1 p.m. in the district office, 1200 East Antelope, Freeland. All persons who may be interested in the purchase and lease are invited to appear at the hearing and be heard.

According to a notice sent late Thursday by Stan Walker, president of the district board, the sale will be between the sewer district and Holmes Harbor Golf, LLC. No purchase price is mentioned, but in past discussions the figure of $200,000 has been kicked around. The golf course has been closed for approximately one year.

Once the sale is complete, the district proposes to enter a lease, described as “a ground lease of land for golf course irrigating and reclaimed water use,” between the district and Patrick T. Kent Golf, LLC.

That entity would apparently operate the golf course and maintain the grounds, which is where treated wastewater is dispersed. Cost of the lease is proposed to be $1 annually.

With someone else maintaining the golf course grounds owned by the sewer district, approximately $70,000 annually would be saved in maintenance expenses, Walker has said in the past.