Goosefoot tax status change will benefit community, organization says

Goosefoot announced it has changed its tax exempt status from that of a private foundation to a supporting organization.

The change in tax exempt classification will allow Goosefoot to distribute profits from The Goose Grocer, which it owns, to non-profit organizations of its choosing. The press release says the change is necessary in order to “continue putting profits from the Goose Grocer back into the community.”

The change was announced Feb. 24.

A supporting organization is classified as a nonprofit that “helps support one or more other nonprofits, either through financial contributions or through activities in support of a shared mission,” a press release said. Administrators at Goosefoot have already reached out to “several” nonprofits on South Whidbey to become supported organizations, although the press release didn’t name any. Goosefoot wouldn’t be required to assist those organizations, but they would be “more than likely” to receive financial assistance.

Organizations have until May 1 to decide if they’d like to become a beneficiary. According to the press release, operations won’t change at Goosefoot.