High tides predicted across Puget Sound

Today’s tide is predicted to go above the high astronomical tide, HAT, and cause flooding in places like Shoreview Drive near Nichols Brothers in Freeland.

In a weather alert sent from Island County Public Works, the county said tides would be above the HAT. The alert added it has been a week full of winter morning high tides, but today’s is predicted to be the highest.

HAT is the highest tide at any given location caused by the moon alone. Although it’s the measure for the highest tide, low atmospheric pressure and surge can make the tide higher than the astronomical tide.

Tide tables show astronomical tide. For the National Weather Service’s tide map, visit http://www.nws.noaa.gov/mdl/etsurge/index.php?page=map&region=wc&datum=mllw&list=&map=0-48&type=&stn=.