Island County announces Cultus Bay Road fix

  • Sat Jun 17th, 2017 10:00am
  • News

A fix for an unstable section of Cultus Bay Road should be in place by August, Island County Public Works announced this week.

The affected portion of road, a short stretch along the bluff just north of Sandy Hook, was destabilized by a landslide in March. The southbound lane has been closed ever since while county road officials pondered a way to firm up the road shoulder.

It’s a vital thoroughfare as it’s the only road that connects Sandy Hook, a community of about 300 homes.

On Wednesday, public works announced it had the answer. Relying on the recommendations of a hired geotechnical consultant, the plan is to excavate 12 feet of loose soil from the water-side lane and shore up the new section of roadway with long spiral nails, and a Hilfiker wall — five layers of interlaced wire baskets filled with rocks.

The current travel lane will be moved 6 feet to the east while the work is being done, and removed once everything complete. That part of the project was expected to begin this week.