Langley city officials reviewing marijuana issue

City officials are continuing to mull over a proposal for a medical marijuana business in Langley.

Lucas Jushinski, a Freeland resident and Iraq War veteran, is seeking a business license from the city for his nonprofit, Island Alternative Medicine. Jushinski, a former combat medic, wants to open a storefront operation on Second Street where medical marijuana would be provided to patients who are legally authorized to use the drug.

The Langley City Council held a special council workshop on medical marijuana issues last week, and officials were generally supportive of the idea.

Director of Community Planning Jeff Arango said this week the city has yet to issue a business license to Jushinski. Arango said there were still a lot of issues to sort out on Jushinski’s proposal.

Langley has been looking at other cities that have dealt with the medical marijuana issue, as well as reviewing ordinances, impacts from established marijuana operations and other related topics.

“That’s where we are focusing our energies,” Arango said.

There’s no estimate on when a business license may be issued. Arango also said a public hearing will be held if the city decides to adopts regulations that deal with medical marijuana operations and collective gardens where the plant can legally be grown.

“I think Lucas and his attorneys understand it takes some time to wade through this,” Arango said.x