Langley man faces charges of rape, voyeurism

A South Whidbey woman discovered she had been raped while unconscious at a party after viewing a video that her sister’s boyfriend shot as he assaulted her, according to court documents.

The suspect, 24-year-old Timothy P. Greene of Langley, admitted to a detective that he videotaped himself sexually assaulting the young woman with his finger without her knowledge or consent, according to the police officer’s report.

Prosecutors charged Greene in Island County Superior Court Sept. 15 with second-degree rape and voyeurism.

If convicted of the charges, Greene could face up to 11 years and four months in prison under the standard sentencing range.

The woman reported the assault to police on Sept. 10 after a friend gave her a flash drive that was allegedly found in the grass or driveway of a South Whidbey house, according to the report by Detective Chris Peabody with the Island County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman said the video was taken at a party in July. She appears unconscious in the video and had no recollection of the assault. She said she must have ingested something more than alcohol to be unconscious and was unaware of what happened; she said she only had one or two beers at the party.

The victim’s sister said she confronted Greene earlier about what appeared to be images of naked children on his phone. Based on the allegations, the detective seized Greene’s digital media for analysis.

Greene’s attorney, David Carman of Langley, said his client will enter a plea of not guilty in court Monday. He said the detective’s report indicates that the investigation is ongoing and he is waiting to see the complete report.