Langley police to start syringe log

At the request of the Langley City Council, the Langley Police Department is now logging when and how many syringes are found at Seawall Park as well as around the city.

The effort will continue over the “next few months.”

The syringe log will be used to gather data on heroin use in the park so the city council will be able to make a better decision on whether to allow the park to remain open at night. The council is considering Chief Dave Marks’ proposal to close the park during nighttime hours.

“The more collection of information and data, the easier it is for us to make informed decisions about the need to close the park,” Councilwoman Rene Neff said. “I think that would really help if you could do that between now and the [next] meeting.”

Marks said police haven’t kept track of found syringes and needles because they have a legal use, specifically by diabetics. Yet, he acknowledged that he doesn’t see many diabetics throwing them under the Dog House Tavern.

Neff also pitched the idea of fencing off the southern end of the park. Langley Police Officer Mason Shoudy found a syringe in the area under the Dog House Tavern with a Record reporter just last week. Councilwoman Dominique Emerson said a fence would require a “legal negotiation.”