Langley renamed for day in ceremony

Langley was christened “Bunnyville” for the day by Mayor Tim Callison during a short ceremony Saturday.

For a single day this past weekend, all Langley residents became residents of “Bunnyville,” whether they knew it or not.

In a short ceremony Saturday at Boy and Dog Park, Mayor Tim Callison officially renamed the city for the day with a proclamation and also presented the Easter Bunny with keys to Langley. And he did so in rather unorthodox attire  before a crowd of about 50 people.

“Mayor Tim, dressed in a white tux with long tails and bunny ears, was, well, fit for LET’S MAKE A DEAL!” wrote Sharen Heath, the author of the I Love Langley Facebook page in an email to The Record.

“It was fantastic,” echoed Lorinda Kay, of Langley Main Street Association. “The tux gave it the dignity of the office, and the ears gave it the whimsy of the day.”

The ceremony was part of Bunny Daze, an event paying homage to the city’s large and now famous rabbit population. They caused something of a public fuss in 2015 as residents and city officials grappled with solutions to the problem. Passive and non-lethal means carried the day, but not before the issue made national headlines.

Langley decision makers and business owners have since decided to capitalize on the attention. Bunny Daze included the proclamation, photo opportunities, a hop-scotch court, stores decorated accordingly and the sale of special or related merchandise.

“It was a busy day,” Callison said.