Men charged with laser assault; police chief hurts finger in scuffle

Two South Whidbey men are facing felony charges related to an incident this summer in which a Langley police officer was hit with a laser in the face and the police chief hurt his middle finger, court documents indicate.

Prosecutors charged Mark D. Raden, a 27-year-old Freeland resident, in Island County Superior Court Nov. 18 with the unlawful discharge of a laser.

Dillon T. Reisman, a 26-year-old Langley resident, was charged Oct. 27 with assault in the third degree. He pleaded not guilty Nov. 16.

On July 12, Langley Police Chief David Marks was patrolling the streets when he saw Raden and Reisman using a powerful laser to illuminate the sky. Raden started shining the laser into the windows of a house on Second Street, prompting the chief to tell his officers that the laser would alarm anyone sleeping in the homes and they should stop the laser pointers.

Marks and a couple of officers approached the two men. Raden allegedly pointed the laser in one officer’s face, illuminating his head in a purple light, Marks wrote in his report on the incident. Raden eventually stopped after the officer repeatedly warned him to put the laser down.

Meanwhile, Reisman started walking away. Marks got in front of him and told him to stop, but Reisman slapped at his hands and flashlight and tried to get past him, the report states.

Reisman smelled of alcohol and was slurring his words.

Reisman wouldn’t stop “putting his hands” on the chief, the report states. In response, Marks shoved him away and they both fell over a small rock retention wall. Reisman got up and tried to run away, but Marks was able to take him into custody with the help of another officer.

At the patrol car, Marks realized that his left middle finger was “pointing in the wrong direction” and he was unable to move the end of his finger. He was later diagnosed with “mallet finger.”

This wasn’t the first time that Marks has been injured on the job. He tore his Achilles tendon in 2013 by stepping on a log while chasing a wanted man.