New $72,000 intercom system at high school approved by South Whidbey School Board

  • Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 10:00am
  • News

The purchase of a new $72,000 intercom system at South Whidbey High School was approved by the South Whidbey School Board last week at its regular monthly meeting.

The new intercom system, which will also include many new features and replace around a dozen old digital clocks, will accommodate multiple bell schedules which ring in different areas of the school. Brian Miller, maintenance director, said in his request that the current system cannot accommodate multiple bell schedules which will be vital next year when grades seven and eight from Langley Middle School arrive at the high school.

The old intercom system was originally installed when the school was built in the 1980s and is the oldest intercom system in the district. According to his request document, Miller said it has become increasingly unreliable in recent years. Additionally, many clocks have also stopped working and need replacing.

The district hired Lynnwood-based telecommunications contractor Electrocom for the job. Miller said the district has worked with Electrocom in the past and are “experienced and capable in this area.”