Burt Beusch photo — Artist Dale Reiger (left) and Langley Arts Commission Chairman Frank Rose stand next to Reiger’s new sculpture at a ceremony on Saturday at Clyde Alley.

New sculptures installed at Clyde Alley on Saturday

  • Tue Aug 22nd, 2017 4:00pm
  • News

Clyde Alley continues to be bolstered by new art.

Two new sculptures by artists Dale Reiger and Lin McJunkin were unveiled during a ceremony attended by 35 people on Saturday at Clyde Alley. Both are part of the Langley Arts Commission’s temporary art program, which allows artists to display their works free of charge in different locations around the city. If the artwork sells, the city gets 20 percent of the proceeds. Calls to artists for new art are made if the piece does not sell after 18 months.

Reiger’s sculpture was placed on city property, while McJunkin’s is placed on Langley resident Pam Schell’s property, who donated funds to the city for its installation.

A mishap regarding what the city does and doesn’t insure almost prevented Reiger’s sculpture from being installed. The city only insures artwork it owns, such as Georgia Gerber’s Boy and Dog Park sculpture, and does not insure temporary art. But, the Langley City Council agreed to insure Reiger’s sculpture for up to $7,000 in damages this past week. It will discuss insuring temporary artwork sometime in the future.

City Councilman Burt Beusch attended the ceremony and took photos. He was impressed by the increasing appeal of the artwork at Clyde Alley when he spoke about the ceremony at the council’s regular monthly meeting on Monday night.

“If you haven’t walked back in Clyde Alley lately, it’s really taking on a completely different personality,” Beusch said.