Online threats could land Freeland man in prison for two years

A 45-year-old Freeland man may face more than two years in prison for making a series of threats to a woman through Facebook.

A jury in Island County Superior Court this week found Jason L. Planque guilty of two counts of felony harassment and two counts of bail jumping.

The police report on the incident says that Planque and his mother were feuding with other members of the family over his grandmother’s estate. One of Planque’s female relatives reported to police in April of 2015 that she received Facebook messages from Planque that were threatening to her and her father.

Planque threatened to beat her in public, to shoot both her and her father in the face and to make her and her father disappear, among other obscene and threatening messages.

Planque was arrested a week later on a bench warrant for failure to appear for a court hearing on a charge of violating an anti-harassment order. At the time, Planque was intoxicated and standing in a neighbor’s driveway, threatening that the neighbor was going to die, the police report states.

Planque has a long criminal history that includes convictions for violation of anti-harassment orders, harassment and phone harassment.