Puget Sound Energy customers alerted to scam that hit Whidbey

Puget Sound Energy customers beware — there are scammers demanding payment for delinquent utility bills.

Puget Sound Energy sent out an email on Friday alerting their customers to the scam. According to the email, the scammers are targeting primarily small-business owners and pretending to be company employees collecting payment for overdue bills. The scammers threaten to cut off service of Puget Sound Energy utilities if they don’t pay immediately with a prepaid card or provide credit card information.

The email said the company’s customers should know the utility company sends several communications related to bill payment before any disruption in service. It adds the company never asks customers to buy a prepaid debit card to avoid disconnection.

“If a phone call seems suspicious, it probably is,” the email said.

Customers receiving suspicious calls are encouraged to make note of information provided from the call. Phone numbers that customers are asked to call, caller ID and addresses they’re told to send money to should be reported. Puget Sound Energy is encouraging customers to report incidents to the company phone line at 1-888-225-5773.