State lawmaker to speak with city staff

  • Wed Oct 4th, 2017 12:00pm
  • News

A state lawmaker with Langley City Hall staff on Friday to discuss legislative priorities.

Norma Smith, R-Clinton, will meet with city employees in a private meeting in the morning, though Mayor Tim Callison said residents can contact members of the Langley City Council or city staff prior to the gathering if they would like a specific issue addressed.

“If you have anything that you believe is important to the City of Langley that the state can address, send those into us,” Callison said at the council’s meeting on Monday night.

Callison added that City Planner Brigid Reynolds will have a specific topic to discuss with Smith regarding the state’s existing affordable home tax credit meant to encourage developers to construct affordable multifamily housing.

The only problem is that it’s limited to towns with 5,000 residents or more.

“We want to ask her to see why that limit is there and can it be reduced,” Callison said. “Small towns have just as much issues with affordable housing these days as a large town. I don’t know why they put that cap in there anyways. It’s kind of dumb.”