Students at Island Christian Academy raise money to help beat blood cancer

The kids of Island Christian Academy raised more than $1000 for blood cancer research.

Island Christian Academy students raised $1,079.71 to help fund blood cancer research and provide help and hope to thousands of patients and their families through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients program.

The 101 students ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade spent three weeks contributing spare change and participating in other special fundraising events, said Brenda Chittim, assistant director of Island Christian Academy.

“We set a goal of $300 for this project because we had sponsored the fund raiser last year and raised around $250, so I was amazed to hear the reports of coins and even dollars pouring into the collection boxes in each room throughout the month,” Chittim said.  “We try to encourage and reward consideration and acts of compassion for others, so I was delighted to see our students and parents respond so generously to this call to help kids with leukemia.”

Chittim said the students got into the spirit of helping.

“After watching the explanation of what we were raising money for, the kids were inspired and began bringing in their change,” she said.

The elementary grades led the way. Mrs. McGill’s fifth- and sixth-grade class was rewarded with an ice cream party, contributing $448.33, she said.  Coming in second place was Maria Henderson’s kindergarten class, which raised $201.64.

The student council contributed by sponsoring a fundraiser, selling water balloons for $1 each that could be thrown at any student council member.

This project exemplifies the school’s stated desire to “make a difference by reaching across the street, down the block or halfway around the world,” and is one of several service projects the school does throughout the year, Chittim said.

Island Christian Academy puts great emphasis on teaching the kids about community service and charitable giving.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s School & Youth program, Pennies for Patients, is designed to teach children the value of community service in a fun way.