Suspected burglar charged

A Greenbank man is accused of attacking a deputy with a kitchen knife after walking into a neighbor’s bedroom while the residents were sleeping Oct. 12, according to court documents.

Bill E. Ducharme, 46, was safely subdued by another deputy who hit him with a Taser, a deputy’s report states.

Prosecutors charged Ducharme in Island County Superior Court Oct. 14 with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

If convicted, he could face up to two years in prison with a deadly weapons enhancement.

The resident of the house reported to deputies that he and his wife were awoken by the sound of Ducharme entering their bedroom through a sliding glass door. Ducharme, a tenant at a mobile home on the property, was carrying a knife but did not threaten them, according to a report by Deputy Grant Walker with the Island County Sheriff’s Office.

Ducharme locked himself in the couple’s bedroom after they fled, the report states. The resident said Ducharme was paranoid and was scared of being attacked by unknown people.

Three deputies arrived and told Ducharme through the locked door to put the knife down and come out. Ducharme, however, walked out the door with the knife raised above his head and advanced on one of the deputies while the officer yelled at Ducharme to drop the weapon.

Deputy Lane Campbell deployed a Taser that struck Ducharme, causing him to fall on the ground. The deputies arrested him after a minor struggle, the report states.

In addition to the kitchen knife, Ducharme was armed with gardening sheers and a smaller pocket knife. He was “manic” and kept repeating that “they” were watching him from the trees and from across the road, the deputy wrote.

He was carrying a bag of marijuana. He admitted to drinking wine earlier, but denied he had smoked methamphetamine.