Kyle Jensen / The Record Dylan McKnight makes a snow angel after sledding downhill at Community Park.

They dreamed of snow on South Whidbey, and so it came to be

Many South Enders got what they hoped for when they woke up to a blanket of snow Friday morning.

“We were monitoring the forecast all night,” Langley resident Tracy McKnight said. “We were dressed before the sun came up this morning because we knew we got some snow.”

The snow started to fall shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday night and continued to fall until around 6 a.m. The night’s snowfall left a roughly one- to three-inch blanket over South Whidbey, providing an ample opportunity for little ones and their families to hop on their sleds and take a joyride.

Despite the slick roads, South Whidbey Fire/EMS didn’t report any vehicle incidents Thursday night or Friday morning. Still, there was enough snow for eager sledders.

The opportunity to make snow angels and incite snowball fights was increased due to South Whidbey School District schools starting two hours late. Some South End residents used the time to head over to Community Park with their little ones and dogs to take advantage of the steep hill near Castle Park, which is perfect for sledding. For one German Shepherd puppy named Rason, this was his first time seeing the falling white powder.

“This is the sledding spot,” Langley resident Tracy McKnight said. “We’re always the first ones at Castle Park when it snows, but this is Rason’s first snow!”


Kyle Jensen / The Record Tracy McKnight and her daughter Sadie McKnight race their German Shepherd puppy, Rason.