Tiny homes are in Langley’s future

  • Wed Feb 8th, 2017 6:00am
  • News

A tiny home community is in Langley’s future.

The Langley City Council instructed city staff at its regular monthly meeting on Feb. 6 to prepare an ordinance that will enable the establishment of a tiny home community.

City Hall and the Planning Advisory Board have been working on how to increase affordable housing in Langley, according to City Planning Director Brigid Reynolds. Among the possibilities discussed was the development of between 5-12 tiny homes, which are roughly the same size as an accessory dwelling unit (around 250 square feet) and typically fit one to two people.

On-site parking and a centralized communal space were also discussed.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mayor Tim Callison said. “I think this is exactly the way we’d like to see it happen, especially with on-site parking and a communal space.”

The proposed ordinance came at the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Board, which has been focused on revamping housing ordinances for Langley to allow for the development of a tiny home community.