Kyle Jensen / The Record — A tram connecting a Clinton backyard to the beach derailed 15 feet from the bluff on Friday morning.

Tram malfunction leaves two on Langley cliffside

A man and his adult son were left hanging on a Clinton cliffside after a tram malfunction on Friday.

One of the tram’s cables came loose while the two were making their way down the bluff around 10:30 a.m, causing a derailment. The tram had traveled about 15 feet down the cliff, and luckily the two were able to find their footing on the cliffside. The incident happened in their backyard, as it was a personal tram.

Nobody was injured in the incident.

The adult son was able to climb up to safety on his own, while his father clung to a tree, waiting for assistance. The bluff dropped roughly 100 feet to the beach.

When responders arrived to the scene, a ladder was used to help the man climb to safety. Both men were very calm during the situation, according to firefighter A.J. Agnew.

“This was a minor incident that could’ve been a catastrophe,” Agnew said. “We want to promote bluff safety and encourage people to stay away from bluffs.”