Washington State Ferries announces its figures from 2016

The Clinton-to-Mukilteo ferry route hauled 2.2 million vehicles in 2016, according to a Washington State Ferries press release.

Overall ridership also topped 24.2 million commuters, tourists and travelers on Washington State Ferries last year. State ferries completed 162,327 trips and traveled 910,610 during that time, which is roughly the equivalent of circumnavigating the earth 36 times, the press release said.

The Clinton-to-Mukilteo route will haul even more vehicles in 2018 when the new ferry Suquamish replaces one of the route’s Issaquah class boats.

Washington State Ferries also announced Amy Scarton will replace current director, Lynne Griffith, when Griffith retires Jan. 31. Scarton currently serves as the Transportation Department’s assistant secretary for community and economic development, and held senior roles in both the Obama and Bush administrations at U.S. Department of Transportation.