David Allen Jackman: May 5, 1955 – April 1, 2019



David was born on May 5, 1955 in Honolulu, Hawaii and passed away from natural causes on April 1, 2019. He is survived by his son, Ryan Jackman, of Renton, Wash; daughter, Lira Wolfe, of Everett, Wash.; parents, George and Donna Jackman, of Langley, Wash; brothers, Michael Jackman, of Poulsbo, Wash., and John Jackman, of Everett.

He was recognized by those who knew him to be a compassionate person who understood the value and need to listen to those whose life experience would lead them to different meaning and purpose. He rejected the impulse to judge another through the lens of one’s personal experience and resulting values. He would listen, put aside his own understanding or opinion and respond without judgement. He did not accept the notion of human or personal superiority over all. Different, perhaps but never superior!

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