Dukari (Duke)

Dukari (Duke)

July 20, 1986-Nov. 7, 2015

For the past 20 years you may have seen me.

I was frequently walking the streets of Langley and at Bayview Farmers Market, just to name a few places you might have seen me.

I wasn’t really walking; I was on the shoulder of my owner. She did the walking, I was enjoying the free ride, laughing and talking to all the passersby. Sometimes I was on top of my white cage enjoying people who came into Critters the pet store at Ken’s Korner to buy things or just to see me.

I’ve been photographed and loved those who loved me. Too many to count.

A few Island folks: Jude, Billie, Ernie, Richard, Flo, Debbie, Nathan, Ginny, Nina, Sadie and Lizzy.

Ryan who I met when he was 4 was ready to take care of me when Jude was gone.

I did a lot whistling and cheering, GO HAWKS. I loved to laugh. You couldn’t stop my laughing if you were laughing.

I loved to watch football. I got the ref whistle down pat. Ginny taught me to say ”Call The Cops”

I used to whistle “The Bridge On the River Kwai” and I could even repeat the scales. Some of my favorite words were snow, AFLAC, want to go for a ride and whatcha doing.

I even love to dance so to speak.

I loved to go everywhere Jude went like to the post office to see my friends there. Once I went to the Dog House Tavern with Billie. I was over 21! I even went into the Star Store with Jude to buy a quick six-pack of beer for a friend. Hence they now have a sign NO PETS ALLOWED.

I moved to the island 21 years ago. Debbie Wilkie took good care of me all those years when Jude was at work or play.

Remember how I loved to eat peanuts, corn on the cob and even stealing your ink pens? Oh yeah ice cubes too! I think there was only one thing I didn’t like, MY FEATHERS.

Simply put if you remember me, now I’m flying for the first time in HEAVEN!

Dukie, I miss you so much. You’re always with me. KISSES.

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