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EDITORIAL | Pardon their sequestration

February 27, 2013 · Updated 3:08 PM

Our country is teetering on the cliff of sequestration, which if it weren’t for Congress we wouldn’t even know existed.

We go to bed with many concerns each night related to income, family, jobs and what might be hiding under the bed. But sequestration is one thing we have never feared, because it’s a word we never knew.

Congress gave us this fear. It means the budget will be automatically cut by 2.5 percent over a number of years if nobody does anything about it. This is the slowest drop off a cliff ever devised by mankind, defying Newton’s law of gravity. Had Congress dropped the apple from the tree, Newton would have had to wait approximately four years for it to hit him in the head. He would have long since gone home for dinner and today we would have no law of gravity.

Sequestration was devised to scare the people, but it’s not working. The people have survived one fiscal cliff after another, and now we’re unafraid of fiscal cliffs, even if the new name is sequestration. Congress people are sounding the alarm to any TV newsperson from the 314 available channels just so they can get some free air time.

When coming up with the idea of sequestration a year ago, Congress, egged on by President Obama, made sure that nothing serious would be cut if it actually takes effect. So rest assured that neither Congress nor the president will lose any pay or benefits. Instead, it will be kids who need help reading and civilian working stiffs on military bases. Congress and the president, in fact, had to interrupt long vacations to hurry back to Washington, D.C., to sound the alarm about sequestration. Tiger Woods was left alone in the bunker on the 17th hole, wondering what happened.

We should not fear sequestration because it’s just another balloon filled with hot air from the gasbags in Congress. They’re trying to get some attention and make themselves feel important. They don’t regulate the money supply any more, wars are continually undertaken without their declaration, and all they have left to do is balance the budget. They always make a drama of this just to keep themselves one step above street beggars and journalists in the public approval ratings.

Sequestration? Go for it, Congress. We can all use another good laugh.

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