"Deer killer gets trophy of shameFor around 10 years I have watched a buck who lived in the Wilkinson Road area. He grew more majestic each passing year. I would see him on my property, along Surface Road, down Bob Galbreath and at times in the woods while riding my horse. I came to look forward to seeing him and when able would sit for long periods of time admiring his awesome beauty. I honestly believe he came to know myself as well as my horse. Many of us in this area watched him and never spoke of him as we watched the hunters every year lying in wait for this prize. He must have been awfully smart as each year following hunting season he would be back as proud as ever. I couldn't help but to admire him. I am a realistic person and knew the day would come when he made an error in judgment and would be shot or hit by a car. Little did I know it would all happen at the same time. Last Saturday night he had apparently become a so-called hunter's obsession and was taken, well actually a part of him was taken. Why do I use the words so-called hunter's? Well, the buck was run down by a vehicle waiting on the side of the road in the middle of the night and then his head was cut from his body and taken as a trophy. His body was mutilated and left on the side of the road for everyone to see this great hunter's cleverness at finally obtaining his dream. Problem is you made everyone who saw the sick mess you left, sick. You disgusted children and adults with your so-clever hunting skills.For years I have listened to the hunters and non hunters fight about the right to hunt on South Whidbey. I have posted my property each and every year and you shoot from the road while killing my no hunting signs. I have asked you to leave my property and been sworn at. I have heard you shooting on my property in the middle of the night. (Isn't that poaching?) I have watched your flashlights as you attempt to get your prize. I have kept my children in the house during hunting season, not for your benefit, but in order to save their lives. I do not ride my horse during hunting season. I have driven by you with your guns leaning up against your vehicles. (Isn't shooting from the road poaching?) I have even had your bullets hit my house day and night while you hunt my posted property. I have even had you shoot at my watch dog who was sent out to help get you out of my yard. Who are you rude, inconsiderate people who feel your constitutional right to hunt is greater than mine to live in peace? I understand you feel so much more of a man when you kill something, no matter what your hunting techniques might be. I also understand the need to have a family tradition passed on to your sons. Tell me, Mr. Great White Hunter, did you take your son with you when you ran down that buck with your car or truck? Did you have him help you cut his head off, mutilate him and leave that disgusting body for all to see? You must be so proud! Let me tell you one thing, though. As you sit there and gaze at your trophy. It is not pride you will see one day as you view it, as you may realize it is a trophy of shame. So people, take a look at your family and friends' trophy collection, and think about the lengths human beings will go to in order to feel pride in their hunting skills. Oh, the joy in feeling like a big man.One last thing. I certainly don't intend to bring on the usual firing off of so-called animal activists' mouths. Although we really don't need to worry too much about them for something like this, they are way too busy planning their attacks on little 4-H children and their farm animals at the 2001 Island County Fair. What is going on around here? What has happened to the so-called humanity of human beings? Mr. Big Man Hunter, write a letter and tell us all what in the world you were thinking when you pulled such a sick stunt. I for one would really like to know your reasoning for your hunting practices.By the way, stay off of my posted property! Mr. Side Of The Road Hunters, I'm not going to drive by with disgust any longer, I'm going to take down your license numbers and turn them in. Hunt properly, follow the rules, or don't hunt at all. Everyone has rights and I am so sick of just understanding yours.Linda Perkins lives near Langley. "

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