Armed protesters didn’t break any laws


I would like to take the opportunity to respond to the letter written by David Wright of Freeland, and published on Wed, 25, asking the important question, “Why aren’t armed protestors immediately arrested or shot?”

The answer is very easy. They were not arrested or shot because they did not violate any laws or threaten anyone with their guns, which is against the law.

Furthermore, many of your readers took careful notice that a single ethnic group was singled out for scrutiny by Mr. Wright, namely white people.

The logical conclusion then is that Mr. Wright, and by extension the South Whidbey Record that published his letter, is promoting a racist viewpoint.

I hope that is not true and would have appreciated you publishing this racist bent letter with a disclaimer of separating Mr. Wright’s racist viewpoint from the South Whidbey Record. We have no room to further divide our nation along the lines of ethnicity.

Delbert Hardesty


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