EDITORIAL | EMTS deserve recognition, our gratitude

In our Wednesday edition, The Record published a story about emergency medical technicians, their training and the hefty role they play in South Whidbey Fire/EMS.

“Hefty” is something of an understatement. According to district statistics, the department responded to 2,600 calls in 2016. Of those, 78 percent were medically related. That includes everything from backaches to strokes. Yet, much of their work is unknown to the public due to health privacy laws and the nature of the work.

Fires make it into the paper, the team that successfully resuscitates the guy dying from a heart attack does not.

All of our fire district volunteers — people who train and work for free — deserve our respect and gratitude. But today is for our EMTs. These self-sacrificing women and men are truly unsung heroes.

Next time you see one, tell them how awesome they are. They deserve it.