LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Cats offer warm, friendly welcome


One of Freeland’s treasures is the WAIF Cat Cottage located at Scott and Newman roads, open every Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. There Judy, longtime cat mom, welcomes you into an expansive room where immediately you will be welcomed by a friendly cat or two in the open area. Individually furnished kitty kennels on shelves line the walls below the many windows looking out at bird feeders. Some have cats curled inside or sitting atop birdwatching. There is a screened quiet backroom with kitty trees for kittens and any cat wanting a bit of solitude. Contentment fills this cozy place.

On my last visit to see who was still there and any new residents, I thought why not voice for them. Shadow, black and fluffy with a striking “poodle” cut: “My groomer got a little carried away but it’s cool.” Athena, tuxedo shorthair: “Got my best duds on and ready to go.” Reeses, white and gray with jade eyes: “I’m shy, but I love to be petted.” Lola, lovely diluted calico: “I’m looking for a home with a sunny window seat.” Spot, gray and white and green-eyed: “My hobby is birdwatching.” Chucky, orange and white with amber eyes: “Can’t get enough just laying around.” Oliver, black with big round eyes: “I like to play when I get tired of napping.” Chucky and Oliver are longtime friends looking for a two-cat home.

And in the backroom are three little kittens, two fuzzy black ones and one tortoiseshell fuzzball. Any and all people will receive a royal welcome to stay for as long or as short a time as you like. Seniors (over 62) can adopt a senior cat (like Shadow) for free. As Judy says, “Come in and visit. You don’t have to adopt, just visit.”