LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Let’s ban everything fun and noise related


In response to the letters about banning fireworks in the July 9 edition of The Record, I fully agree. Let’s ban everything fun and noise related in Langley. Someone think about the bunnies!

As someone who grew up in Langley I am saddened to see the amount of control and influence that whiners who have moved here from wherever have over the town and the South End. Sorry that wherever you came from you only grew up with sparklers and regulated fireworks shows over the Hudson. Fireworks on Whidbey and Washington are a tradition. What’s wrong with having fun and entertainment for one weekend a summer, especially if it’s on your own property and you are being responsible ? No one says let’s ban Choochokam — sorry it was canceled this year — it’s too noisy, crowded, too much patchouli and I can’t go anywhere in Langley. What are we supposed to do? Have a Prius parade?

Langley has all but had the life sucked out of it already. Mo’s would have been considered a quiet pub in most other towns, but was beaten down over the years by a barrage of the no-fun patrol. What’s next after fireworks? Go after the Pizzeria for kneading dough too loudly? Or the whales in the strait breaching too close to town? If it bothers you so much you could probably move near the OLF in Coupeville — I hear it’s very quaint and quiet year-round.