LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Public forgotten in festival mishap


This year’s Maxwelton Parade had to be the biggest and best event in their long history. How is it possible that a small beach community with only volunteers can organize an event such as this that gives so much pleasure to so many year after year? No admittance fee, No fee to be in the parade and No parking fees.

Through no fault of their own, Langley lost the Choochokam Festival. According to the “non-profit” organizers it was “because the event had outgrown the city.” The city does not agree with that assessment, of course. It appears the organizers forgot about the vendor/artists trying to get some recognition and perhaps sell a few items to survive another off-season. They also forgot about the public who support these events.

It is an unfortunate situation that most of these events are run by so-called non-profit corporations who have no loyalty except to themselves.

Ah well, we will always have Maxwelton.