LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump side by side?


I haven’t made up my mind about Donald Trump yet. Part of me says, “How can this be happening?” The other part realizes he is just stating what I, and many people, are thinking at some level, just not as crudely.

Now what would give him a really outrageous ticket is to have Arnold Schwarzenegger as his running mate. Imagine the two most outspoken misogynists in history on the same ticket. The mind boggles at the press conferences and antics on the campaign trail and in the Bill Clinton anteroom of the oval office. If Arnold is too busy making direct-to-video movies then perhaps a reality TV show where candidates try for the VP slot. Call it Veep or Bust. I can just see the contests now. Who can kiss the most babies while fondling the mother? Who can eat the most Lutefisk without regurgitating? Spending a night with a paramilitary group protecting our border.

It will be gripping TV and we will all be on the edge of our seats as he says, “You’re fired” and finally “You’re hired.” America, does it get any better than this?