Letter: Wrong production company cited in Record news article


I was sorry to hear of the passing of Gerry Woolery. My wife and I spent many a happy evening dining at his establishment in Freeland.

He couldn’t have been a more gracious host. What I didn’t know was that we shared something in common. Gerry won his Emmy for designing the opening credits for the TV show “The Duck Factory” starring a very young Jim Carrey.

I directed multiple episodes of the show, enjoying the experience immensely.

Unfortunately, I have one nit to pick in his memorial. The claim was made that the show was based on Gerry’s production company, Playhouse Pictures. This is not the case. The show was modeled after Jay Ward Productions, which created Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Alan Burns, who created the show, had worked at Jay Ward Productions and said it was a zany place for a young writer to start his career. I also confirmed this story with Jay’s son, Ron Ward, who lives in Redmond. Other than that, Gerry lived an exemplary life and was a great contribution to Whidbey Island.

Jim Drake


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