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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Look elsewhere for a candidate

November 4, 2012 · Updated 1:04 PM

To the editor:

The real loser in the first presidential debate was the American voter. We were not properly informed and often just out and out lied to.

Mr. Romney gave a dominating performance even going so far as to bullying Jim Lehrer, who proved to be an ineffective moderator.

President Obama seemed flat and abstract, looking down way too much. Why didn't the President speak out on behalf of the 47 percent of Americans that Mr. Romney has written off? Why didn't the President ask Mr. Romney what rules he would put in place to protect consumers from Wall Street after Mr. Romney repeals reform laws, if he is elected.

President Obama may have seemed lackluster, but the truth is still the truth.

Mr. Romney stated that the deficient had doubled under President Obama. Our fiscal budget ended in September. The results out last week stated that the deficit was at $1.1 trillion, which is under the level when Mr. Obama came into office.

Mr. Romney stated that, "over half of the recipients of green energy stimulus have gone out of business," when in fact, only 3 companies out of over 3 dozen who received loans are now in bankruptcy. Do you think this is a gross overstatement?

Mr. Romney stated that the $716 billion cut from Medicare would come from current beneficiaries. In fact, President Obama reduced Medicare reimbursements to health care providers, mainly insurance companies and drug manufacturers, while lowering the costs of drugs for seniors and providing free mammograms.

Mr. Romney has convinced himself that the lies he tells are true, as he speaks with absolute conviction. We are used to politicians and pundits lying, but why don't we demand the truth?

We do have other choices out there, although you wouldn't know it by listening and watching mainline news channels.

Rocky Anderson is the Justice Party candidate and Jill Stein, is the Green Party candidate. They appeared in realtime on Link TV last night, answering the same questions as the Democratic and Republican candidates did. I know that I am looking at an alternative to the same old same old Washington deadlock.

Peggy Kimbell





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