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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | ‘Tone’ blamed on Emerson

November 5, 2012 · Updated 1:31 PM

To the editor:

Jill Johnson has been harping lately on the “tone” of county commissioner meetings. Since she doesn't attend, I wonder where she gets her information.

I do attend, and what I see is two adults trying hard to get some work done while a juvenile delinquent is trying to destroy the place. Kelly Emerson's campaign promise was to "bring Island County government to its knees" and her actions from day one have all been part of that plan. From phantom issues (Leque Island) to re-writing history (the war of 1812) to personal rudeness (name calling, nasty comments, interrupting) to being as annoying as possible and wasting as much time as possible, Emerson has worked hard toward her goal.

In the face of such rudeness and obstructionism, I have seen extraordinary patience from Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson. So what's the problem with the “tone” of commissioner meetings?

Jill herself has a few “tone” problems. In some quarters she is known as “shrill Jill.” She has been personally vindictive, dismissive of the concerns of any with whom she disagrees, and at one candidate's event stormed out of the room no less than three times.

I'll stick with the hardworking and reasonable team we have, Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson, and hope to replace Kelly Emerson in two years.

Marianne Edain


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