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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Thanks for new food thought

January 18, 2013 · Updated 2:26 PM

To the editor:

It is generous of Chef Tom French to share his time and expertise on problems he perceives in the South Whidbey School District (Viewpoint, Jan. 2). I find his insights helpful although they only identify issues and offer no solutions.

I hope he will elucidate further on what I see as his two major points:

1. Mismanaged food service: After an informal sample of two (my grandchildren) I can offer no rebuttal to his assertion that the taste of the food leaves much to be desired. This, added to the problem of an inordinately early lunch period for many (10:30 a.m.), may account for some under utilization of the program.

In order to improve school meals, and address the other issues he has identified, what does he specifically propose? Should the district employ its own food service manager? Should they partner with Coupeville and Oak Harbor to provide a county-wide program? Short of local control, there is little likelihood that any other catering company can be found that will offer much in the way of improvements.

2. Declined human/community resources: Mr. French has provided a compendium of various business/professional/artistic individuals on our island. He asserts that the school board and administration have not availed themselves of offers of assistance to augment the curriculum. This warrants further clarification with specifics. As a community member and a grandmother, I certainly want the best to enhance the learning experience. But without knowing what is being spurned, I can hardly lobby the school board to institute change.

I do hope that in addition to Mr. French providing us further information, he will reconsider his thought that he may not vote for the upcoming levy to maintain the physical needs of the schools. This punishes the students and those dedicated faculty members who must live with the day-to-day facilities’ problems.

My thanks, Mr. French. Help us benefit from your analytical thinking on these issues by delineating definite solutions as well as philosophical ideals.

Jean B. Gervais


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