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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Lower the legal drinking limit

February 18, 2013 · Updated 9:21 PM

To the editor:

According to IDIPIC, a Whidbey Island alcohol information organization:

One drink, .02 percent: Loss of inhibitions, possible DUI.

Two drinks, .05 percent: Loss of short-term memory, DUI.

Three drinks, .08 percent: Borderline intoxication, DUI.

Four drinks, .10 percent: Legally drunk, DUI.

Five drinks and over: Loss of decision making ability, accident waiting to happen, DUI with prison term.

It is very difficult to understand why the so-called legal limit, .08 percent, is 60 percent over the threshold for memory loss when the international legal limit .02 percent is 60 percent under that threshold.

Any road sign that reads “Legal Limit .08,” is an invitation or promoting to drink too much after the inhibitions and memory are gone. More than two drinks has a tendency to be way too many for driving.

After two drinks, even our educated leaders are no smarter than Joe-Six-Pack. Drivers with no memory to start with are at a distinct disadvantage. A legal limit of .02 percent makes sense. It will allow for communion in church, medicines with small amounts of alcohol and a sip of a drink at a festive occasion.

Drunk driving is like a lottery that works against all of us, drunk or sober: 11,000 each year win the first prize, an early death. Many more win the second prize, a wheelchair for life.

There is no sympathy for drunk drivers!



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