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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Guns assure a free society

February 25, 2013 · Updated 7:21 PM

To the editor:

If I were a painter, some Rembrandt for instance, I would paint the picture of the master of deceit squeezing the heart out of our Second Amendment into a wine glass held by those that are deceived. The most dangerous of all socialist attacks on America is the onslaught to register and confiscate America’s firearms.

The Second Amendment is a right that cannot be amended or regulated. Guns are not part of interstate commerce and were expressly excluded. The right to bear arms is a right that can not be abridged. Anyone who attempts to subvert any section of the Constitution should be tried for treason.

Danger to people when they can’t own guns is far greater than any danger gun ownership creates. Citizens have to protect themselves. Police cannot. It is the law of the jungle.

There are dupes permitting and actually aiding the furnishing of guns to violent felons, “fast and furious” in trade, leave them at the crime scenes. There is a tremendous amount of false information disseminated and the emergence of gun control is being used to justify more policies that are inconsistent with the fundamentals of our free society.

One of the oldest tricks in political strategies is crisis management. In other words, a government creates a crisis so people will accept the government’s solution to the crisis. We are being drawn under the wing of anti-gun extremists or submerged into hell. Surely Americans will no longer be fooled by another shuffling of the soiled anti-gun deck with its red aces, deuces, knaves and jokers. I could elaborate further, but why be redundant!

Gary Lewis


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